The Superfluid Sucriptions product demonstrates a clean pattern for subscription UX in web3 using Superfluid. For now, the Superfluid Subscriptions come in the form of a Checkout Widget:

  • It is minimally-opinionated and uses the most up to date web3 front end tooling.
  • It supports all Superfluid tokens and networks by default.
  • It automatically becomes a 1-click checkout if a payer already holds Super Tokens.
  • It can be styled as a widget, a full page view, or a modal itself.
  • Fonts, shapes, colors are all customizable.

The widget is designed to be integrated into existing Wagmi front ends using a React or Vue component. Import the widget library, provide a JSON that outlines your widget’s behavior in the props of the subscription checkout component, and your widget will perform as intended.